Self doubt is abnormal style of living that brings limitation and piracy. Lack of self control is disastrous! If you don’t control your life, someone else will control it for you. Don’t allow self doubt destroy your image and authority. Self doubt makes someone vulnerable to any thing.
Do you have a television set and a remote device in your home? The television set comes up when someone press the on button. It constantly changes from one channel to another when someone presses the button and off when someone press off. Also increase and decrease in volume when someone presses the button as well. The same thing to a motor car, it accelerates and decelerates under the command or the control of the driver.
Television is not made to control itself. It is made to be controlled by somebody at all times. When a television set flirtatiously change from one channel to another without a command that is a clear indication of malfunction. Television sets are to be controlled.
Are you a television set or a motor car? Who is controlling you? Beloved, this is not an era of self doubt and inferiority complex. But an era of creativity and possibilities only if you can believe and make a moxie move. Creativity is seeing solution in the presence of difficulty or seeing the unseen.