A friend where to wed on 20th April 2013 and am to be the best man on the deed day, before the said date; she gave me some write up for both the wedding and reception for a designer to design the program booklet. I told Godspower about it and he gave me a mobile number. When I called the mobile number, a lady answered and said I should meet her at transfer junction opposite Epie national high school Kpansia, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
I went and saw many people standing. The first lady I cited is the person am suppose to meet but because I did not know her and she did not know me as well, I walked across her and approached another person which is not the person I seek to see. So, I called the mobile number again which linked us.
If you don’t know what you seek you may see it and may still by pass it. A pastor was visiting our church for the first time; he missed the road and got to a different location. I met him on the road and he said, “I can’t trace the church”.
Beloved, you can’t trace what you don’t know. You can only reach out what you know. Read the words of Thomas in John 14:5, “Lord, we do not know where you are going, so how can we know the way to get there”. Please, can you read that statement above again? Beloved, what you don’t know is beyond your reach. You can only reach out to what you know.
The society in which we live is not homogeneous in nature but heterogeneous. If you give a single command, multi choice options are out lined for you to chose based on your choice or knowledge and not guessing.

Therefore, it is important you know what you want in life. Knowledge guarantees success. The knowledge you have is a raw material and when process will become a product that people will place a demand. If you want to establish a company the first thing you need is information, skills and money. To earn money and establish, you need a job for at least two or ten years or more, depending on the salary and the magnitude of the establishment you intent.
To get a job you’ll be interviewed for relevant knowledge and skills for you to earn some money and establish the company. And when you do, you’ll interview the applicants for relevant knowledge and skills before employing any one to work for you. A man of average income but of full operational knowledge and skills will soon become a billionaire. But a chief executive of average knowledge without upgrading will soon become a paste tense of reality.
Crave for pure knowledge. In fact knowledge is security and power! When you are wealthy or occupying a public office many fraudster and vampires will come with fake ideals to suck you. Some will look for any chance within their reach to relief you of your money and position even if their intention goes against the law. And it takes knowledge for you to deal with them without becoming a carcass of foul play.
Get relevant knowledge and skills before you undergo any course in life. There is a wise saying, “practice makes perfect”. In other word without constant practice no perfection. A man how refuse to plan and prepare in progression will become a carcass of ninety minutes of play. Men and women that prepare in progression possess ‘auxiliary gear’, whereas men and women who do not prepare in progression breaks down as obstacle set in and regret after ninety minutes of play.