Champions plan. “Planning is the starting point for any dream or goal that you possess”. Planning is to make detailed arrangement for something you intend doing in the future. Successes involve goal setting and follow up. Any goal worth reaching will take time. Commit yourself to a plan for reaching your goals. Then continue to change and improve your goals on daily basis. Successes entail home-work. “Successes are usually scheduled events. Failures are not”. “Champions do not become champions in the ring. They merely recognized in the ring. Their becoming happens in their daily routine”. Training is a necessity for great impact in life. When you do not develop yourself you become a problem in society. Trained minds always become solutions in the World. Self development is the qualification to life. Preparing adequately ahead of time simplifies a hard work and prop up great productivity. Men and women that prepares ahead are the best candidate in any discipline and they possess an auxiliary gear for exploit, whereas men and women that do not prepare ahead become carcass. When you are not trained you become causality in the field of operation.

One important principle that is vital to success is tackling issues ahead of time. Every individual should adopt this lifestyle as a daily cultural practice. Preparing ahead is a vital virtue and a trademark of excellence! “Proper preparation prevents poor performance” When you are duly prepared you meet opportunity called LUCK, but the unprepared meet opportunities and        miss all. A goal of a prepared man is better than a goal of a nation.